What is Aikido


AI                              KI                             DO

The Japanese word Aikido in fact, contains the three elements which comprise the art:

(AI), harmony or co-ordination;

(KI), spirit or energy;

(DO), the method or the way off;

This question, what is Aikido? Is hard to answer because the art can become so complex and every person who practises has a deferent perceptions of it. This makes the art interesting to learn and differs from others.

The reasons for studying Aikido are truly subjective. Some study Aikido for pure self-defence. Others study Aikido more for fitness or its other benefits. All reasons are valid, and all who regularly attend classes will gain their initial goal. Nonetheless, the true focus of Aikido begins to take shape along the way. And that focus is unification of mind, body and spirit. For when mind, spirit and body become one, not only are one’s initial needs easily reached, but the confidence and ability to conquer previously unattainable goals is then at hand.

Aikido is often referred to as the “Pacifistic Art”  There is truth to this, but it can be misleading to those who have not experienced actual Aikido training. While the beautiful flowing movements of Aikido appear to be non-violent, even passive, they can actually be hard, vigorous, and dynamic, with powerful wristlocks and direct strikes. The term pacifistic refers to the spirit and intent of the art, as well as to its form and to its true students; it does not refer to the rigors of training or to the effectiveness of its techniques. The intent of Aikido, in its marital or budo aspect, is to subdue an attacker quickly and efficiently while cau
sing the least amount of harm in the process.

What is aikido

Morihei Ueshiba The Founder of Aikido

Morihei Ueshiba also called O Sensei (Great Teacher) developed Aikido by synthesising what he had learned over a lifetime of practising and using a variety of traditional marital arts. He emphasised that the main principle of Aikido is harmony, and it is for this reason that Aikido is neither offensive, defensive, hard, nor soft; it is all of these things. Further, Aikido is not only a martial art, it is a philosophy and a way of life as well.

Aikido as I said at the beginning, therefore, means the way or path of harmonising spirit or energy, if you brake down, the words. Aikido is both physically and mentally challenging, and it is a great way to develop flexibility, strength, and endurance while studying a traditional martial art.

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