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Continuing positive discussions from our Summer School, to the people who where not present or have not heard we have potentiality found a permanent dojo. The dojo is roughly 1000 Sq ft and has all the things we currently need in place. The place needs a little TLC to bring it to a standard of a dojo but this is nothing a lick of paint and a few DIY jobs here and there would not solve.
The building in based in Walsall Wood and on a main road which is the A461 Walsall Road and opposite Barons Court Hotel and next door to the Horse & Jockey pub. This is also just 2 minutes down the road from Oak Park Leisure Centre. So this would give us maximum coverage of trade passing by and noticing us. There is also a large car park at the front of the building to park safely.

If you want to map out the route on Google or AA route finder to see distance/time from your house type in WS9 9AL, Walsall Wood.

If this project works it means that the West Midlands Aikido Association will have for the 1st time ever a permanent home/ head quarters. This I believe would stabilise training for all it members as well as bring new people in because of the idea of a permanent dojo. Not to mention give us our credibility in the Aikido world.

We are potentiality looking at classes nearly every day in a week evening which could mean 10 classes a week of Aikido from 1 building. If it be a dedicated weapons class or one of the club instructors taking a Taijutsu classes. This means as well we can run 2 classes a night so 1 instructor can do weapons class for a hour followed by 2nd instructor doing Taijutsu class for 2 hours or hour and half. Which would give good consistency to training. This would also allow you to train before classes and after classes without time pushing on you. Likewise we can also have levels of training on set nights so a training theme can occur. This is all yet to be arranged or discussed in more detail by club instructors, but it could happen easily.

However before that point, what I am finding out now is numbers. If the numbers match we can go ahead and start. So this all depends on your reply to this email, so please do reply.

We are thinking of a monthly set charge which means a unlimited use of the dojo when it’s open and it’s classes. This set charge is £25 a month.
To break it down, this means in a 4 week period you are paying £6.25 a week. If you attend 2 classes at the dojo you are paying £3.12 a lesson in that week, if attending 3 classes you are paying £2.08 a lesson in that week and the price goes down the more and more you train.

We would also offer a Pay As You Go price for the people who can only make once a week or are intermittent which we are thinking of £4.00 a class at the moment.

So this now depends on you guys can I have some feedback and an answer if you invite the idea and you are prepared to commit yourselves to the project at £25.00 a month. If you say yes, please can you be committed to this. I understand things change, but what I am saying is don’t say yes if you like the idea but don’t think you can in reality commit to it.

From the numbers and feedback that I receive back we will make a judgement on the project/idea of a permanent dojo.

I await your replies.


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