Shigemi Inagaki Shihan 8th Dan


23rd – 24th May 2015
NIA Sports & Leisure Centre

The West Midlands Aikido Association are proud to be co hosting Shigemi Inagaki Shihan first time visit to the UK.

He was born and raised in Iwama. He became a student of the Aikido Founder, Ueshiba Morihei, in 1958 and trained under him for 11 years. After the passing of the founder, Inagaki Sensei spent 2½ years in the Iwama Dojo as Uchi deshi under Morihiro Saito Shihan and remained a pupil of his as Soto deshi for many years after that.
Today Inagaki Sensei is one of the most well known, and experienced, teachers from the Ibaraki Shibu Dojo. He travels worldwide to teach, and generously shares his deep understanding in Aikido, based on almost 55 years of training.

This is an open invitation to bring all the various associations and dojos that subscribe to the Aikido that has come out of Iwama, the birthplace of Aikido, through the lineage of the late Morihiro Saito Shihan 9th dan, to meet and to experience the top student of Saito Sensei and the present dojo-cho of the Iwama dojo in Japan.

The weekend will consist of a mix of Tai Jutsu and Buki Waza Classes.
Please bring Bokken and Jo

23rd – 24th May 2015


NIA Sports & Leisure Centre (Underneath the NIA)

King Edward’s Rd,

City Centre,


B1 2PZ

£45 for 1 day or £80 for 2 days

For more info and booking details please vist:

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