Club History

The West Midlands Aikido Association

Roger Tabberer Sensei

The West Midlands Aikido Association was formally known as the Washi Aikido Federation and has been an established Aikido club for over 40 years, with Roger Tabberer 5th Dan as the Principal Coach.

Roger Tabberer had been running very successful aikido courses and classes for over 35 years in the West Midlands. But in July 2007 due to personal commitments he very boldly decided to step down as principal coach of the West Midlands Aikido Association in order to further the future of the Association and continue its goals practicing good and powerful aikido.

The West Midlands Aikido Association History

Iwama Dojo Japan

In the September of 1987, Roger Tabberer spent five weeks with Morihiro Saito Sensei 9th Dan, in Iwama Japan as a uchi deshi (Live in Student).  He trained and lived in O’Sensei’s dojo and during this time his entire approach to Aikido changed, to the extent whereby Iwama style Aikido became the backbone of WMAA style of teaching. This teaching and knowledge that Roger Tabberer learnt has been passed down to each and every pupil and now has become standard practice with in our dojos.

The current head coach and chairman of the West Midlands Aikido Association Richard Power, followed this path and enrolled as Uchi Deshi in the Iwama dojo he has also enrolled as uchi deshi in Gothenburg Aikido Club in Sweden headed by Ulf Evenas 7th dan and in San Leandro, USA dojo headed by Pat Hendricks 7th dan. Both where top students to Morihiro Saito Sensei.

The Style

The style of Aikido practised by the West Midlands Aikido Association is Iwama style as taught by Saito Sensei.  Iwama style Aikido teaches strong basics, accuracy of technique and posture and also its constant use of weapons (Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo).

The Club Itself

West Midlands Aikido Association Logo

The West Midlands Aikido Association standards are kept high due to a strict syllabus that is enforced by all the WMAA club instructors. Also all the WMAA Club instructors are taught to a high level and have been approved by the Club to teach. All club instructors have obtained British Aikido Board coaching certificates and Dan ranks from either WMAA or the Aikikai.

All training in our dojos are done in a friendly and non competitive atmosphere. This is so people new and old to the art can learn easily and safely. All people are welcome no matter how old or young or what size or shape they are. Aikido can suit all. The West Midlands Aikido Association is a none profit making organisation so the cost of lessons and courses is low.This we believe is to encourage people into learning the art of Aikido and knowing the people who are teaching it are doing it for the Art not for themselves.

The West Midlands Aikido Association are members of both the Aikido Research Federation and the British Aikido Board who are the only governing body for Aikido in the UK.

members of British Aikido Board & Aikido Research Federation Logo

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Our Dojo's

Monday – Tamworth

Instructors Name: Steve Marklew Sensei 4th Dan & Lyle Barras 1st Dan Training Times: Monday 19:30 to 21:30 (Closed on […]

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Tuesday – Walsall Wood

Instructors Name: Warren Hopley Sensei Training Times: Tuesday 19.00 to 21:00

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Wednesday – Walsall Wood

2 classes in 1 night Instructors Names: Garreth Peters Sensei & Sue Green Sensei 1st Dan Training Times Wednesday Kids […]

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Thursday – Walsall Wood

Instructors Name: Garreth Peters Sensei & Sue Green Sensei 1st Dan Training Times: Thursday 19.30 to 21:30

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Friday – Walsall Wood

Instructors Name: Richard Power Sensei 3rd Dan Training Times: Friday 19.30 to 21:30

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Saturday – Walsall Wood

Instructors Name: Phil Wall Sensei 2nd Dan Training Times: Friday 10.00 to 11.30am

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Sunday – Cheslyn Hay

Instructors Name: Leigh Davis Sensei 2nd Dan Training Times: Sunday, 10.00 – 12.00 a.m (Adults and Juniors)

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