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The West Midlands Aikido Association is a none profit UK organisation based around The West Midlands & Staffordshire. We have classes in Walsall Wood, Cheslyn Hay, Lichfield and Tamworth. We practice a traditional style of Aikido that is sometimes called Iwama style or Takemusu Aikido.

Our style teaches strong basics, accuracy of technique and posture and also a heavy emphasis on weapons (Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo).

The Iwama style of Aikido has not attempted to change or update the teachings of O’Sensei (Morihei Ueshiba), the founder of Aikido.
Morihiro Saito Sensei (9th Dan) who was the closet and the longest serving student of O-Sensei, having trained with him for 23 years, catalogued O’Sensei’s teachings in a set syllabus, this enables Iwama Aikido to maintain the purity or form and clarity of the art that O’Sensei intended.

This catalogued syllabus is what we, The West Midlands Aikido Association now follow in our daily classes. We pride ourselves on the fact that all classes are run in a friendly and non competitive manner. Which means that new people to the art and seasoned practitioners can all learn together, easily and safely.

Aikido is uniquely suitable to women and equally men as an effective method of self-defense because it is not based on muscle mass, strength or aggression. Its clever principles of absorption and redirection are designed to neutralize an attack and keep one out of harm’s way. Aikido employs effective self defense techniques that can be applied to someone of any size, weight or build. Its techniques aim to blend with the attacker’s energy and use it to control or throw them. The practice of Aikido not only provides you with a rich repertoire of effective self-defense techniques and physical training, but also offers you a path for mental and spiritual development.

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